Paso Robles Weather

The Paso Robles area has a mix of distinct microclimates that allow for a number of different wine grapes to thrive. Summer time here is warm, with daytime high temperatures between 85 and 105 degrees and nighttime low temperatures dropping by 40 to 50 degrees. This “diurnal” fluctuation is prized by winemakers and contributes to the intense varietal character of the fruit. Frost can be a concern in the early Spring in low lying areas. Rainfall varies greatly depending on the vineyard’s proximity to the Pacific Ocean and the “Templeton Gap” area. The city of Paso Robles gets 15 inches annually, but only eight inches will fall in the eastern portions of the AVA and as much as 45 inches on the far western ridges. The rains typically arrive in November, with the heaviest amounts usually occurring in January through March. Paso Robles wineries are the most busy during the summer months.