Tasting Room Etiquette

Tasting room etiquette

Tasting Room Etiquette  

So you want to go wine tasting!  This is a great way to enjoy the central coast countryside, make new wine discoveries and have a wonderful day out with friends.  With many great wineries and tasting rooms so close it is a natural activity for locals and visitors alike.

To fully enjoy the experience, we have a few guidelines for you to follow. Remember that every winery and tasting room is a bit different. Some wineries may have dramatic visitor facilities with extensive winery grounds and fully stocked gift shops. Others wineries will be more modest affairs. All have something to offer the wine country visitor.

Here are a few tips and reminders for those planning a trip to the wine country.

  • If your group is six or people, it is a good idea to call in advance, so they can be prepared for you.

  • The dress code is casual, but there is nothing wrong with a step up from t-shirts and shorts.

  • Don’t wear perfume or cologne; let the wine be the olfactory star.

  • Remember your manners and share the tasting space with others.

  • Taste white wines first, followed by red wines, and then dessert wines.

  • Don’t be afraid to tell your wine tasting host to skip any of the wines on the list.

  • You do not have to drink all the wine in your glass. Discard the unwanted wine in into the dump bucket provided for this purpose. If you are planning a full day of tasting, this is a must!

  • Don’t be shy or afraid to engage with the winery staff. The wineries are glad to have you there and can teach you a lot about wine.

  • Make the most of each taste and savor each sip. Remember to enjoy the color and smell of each wine as well as how long the wine lingers after you swallow it.

  • Tasting notes should be available and can help you discover flavors and aromas.

  • Wineries are limited by law to 1 oz pours, so don’t insist on more.

  • If you appear to have consumed too much wine, the tasting room staff is not allowed to serve you.

  • You can ask for a second taste, but it may be expected that you will be purchasing that wine.

  • Occasionally crackers or other neutral palette cleansing food is available. Try some, just don’t make a meal of it.

  • When a fee is charged, it is usually okay for two people to share one glass and pay only one tasting fee.

  • Buy some wine and don’t be afraid to ask for your tasting fee to be credited to your purchase.

Enjoy your visit to the wine country!