Winery Row Paso

New Facility Options for the Small Winemaker

The California wine boom continues with over 2,900 wineries in the state from San Diego to the Oregon border. With more Americans discovering that wine is part of a modern, healthy and enjoyable lifestyle, the appetite for wine continues to grow. Even with the recent economic downturn, wine consumption has increased and more people are getting into the business of making wine. This has created some problems, along with a solution.

The number of winemakers has grown faster than winery facility growth with many small producers sharing space with sometimes up to a dozen or more winemakers. Using these winery co-ops makes sense when starting out but small producers quickly learn that capacity issues cramp their ability to produce the highest quality product.

At harvest, fruit can come in all at once—with the resulting demand for equipment and space creating a critical operational issue. Winemakers sharing space sometimes must wait on others with different wine making goals, and in the process compromise the control over their product. Some may even have to shuttle between their processing, barrel storage and tasting room locations because of the lack of consolidated operations.

Winery Destination Center – Winery Row Paso

These issues have created the need for a new option. Just a couple of miles from downtown Paso Robles, and a mile off the main wine trail of Highway 46, is Winery Row Paso, a 120-acre winery destination. Fourteen 10,000 sq. ft. turn-key wineries are permitted for construction and are for sale or lease to winemakers who want more control over their product along with a host of other advantages.

Each winery plan offers a fully-functional wine processing center, a retail tasting room, and a barrel storage facility. The wineries will have their own unique exterior facades and will be fully plumbed, with ample drainage and power. The winemaker simply moves his equipment into the facility, and he’s in business.

Winery Row Paso is situated on Dry Creek Road, with a producing vineyard, roads, a wastewater treatment system, and permits ready. The freestanding wineries allow winemakers to crush their own fruit, and process their wine – on their own schedule. Each facility features a barrel storage room that can handle up to two harvests, tank room, a lab, office space, a covered work area, a tasting room and ample parking.

Winery Row Paso understands direct-to-consumer sales and offers the wine tourist a one-stop opportunity to taste a wide variety of wines in a lush, attractive setting. A shared event center, common spaces and additional plans for restaurants, shopping and a boutique hotel make Winery Row Paso a desirable wine destination and a great place to sell your wine.

Taking the Next Step

The developer of Winery Row Paso sees the project as similar to the step musicians take, going from a garage band to something larger, but smaller than Madison Square Garden. This is a reasonable, cost-effective destination that allows the business to grow, while the wine brand develops a market. The wineries can be bought or leased with good terms and financing available.

As the ranks of winemakers and brands grow, the quality of production, tasting room location and winemaker control becomes critical. Winery Row Paso offers a solution for wineries looking for a new home to consolidate their operations and meet their current and future needs.

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