Wine Club Health & Happiness

Wine club sales are the best thing going for improving your direct to consumer sales. Growing your club is of paramount importance. In these times many members may want to cancel their memberships. Here are some ideas to help keep your club healthy.
If you have a member who wants to cancel their membership be sure to offer them other options:

1. Put the membership of hold for six months
2. Let them skip a shipment
3. Offer membership in a less costly club
4. If the issue is the wine selections, offer red or white only options

If members do leave stay connected with them. These were your best customers and very well may come back. Continue sending them a newsletter and special offers. If you have lost a number of club members you might put out a special offer to them to rejoin by a certain date for an extra benefit.

Keep you club fresh by adding or reformatting programs and events. Provide a range of event options that many members can take part in. The best events eventually run out of steam and will attract the same audience. Instead of an afternoon event, make it a breakfast. Add a vineyard walk to your pick up parties or a blending seminar or basic tasting class. Add a small gift in the club shipment or start a contest for naming a new wine.

Members stay in their club an average of 18 to 24 months. Give them reasons not to quit by rewarding longevity with added benefits after their first year and then again every year. A deeper discount on large format bottles, a magazine subscription, a deeper discount on events or a special gift, can go along way to keeping your best customers.

Contests can be entertaining, fun and useful to maintaining club members. Remember the recognition of a winning recipe, or naming of a garden, vineyard, wine or club room is a great way to make members feel special. Don’t forget to include winners and runners-up names and photos in your newsletter.

Stay close to your members and don’t be shy about asking what they want in a club. Surveys done formally or informally show that you have true interest in what members want and will give you insight and information to your best customers needs.