Rutherford Ramblings

Rutherford is just north of Oakville and south of St. Helena and has a population of close to 600 in its six square miles. Located at the valley’s widest point, Rutherford’s 3,263 acres of vineyards receive more sun than most other areas with mid-summer temperatures reaching the mid 90’s. Cabernet Sauvignon is king here with 70% of the vineyards planted to the variety with Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Cabernet Franc rounding out the top five. Characteristics of the region include the dusty, berry, allspice and light herbaceous. Some wines exhibit intense cherry, currant and earthy flavors.

Here is a tour that includes a grand estate (Rubicon) popular and fun (ZD), Hip and Organic (Frog’s Leap), up and coming (Alpha Omega), food and wine (Peju), family run (Raymond) and best self-guided tour (St. Supery).