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Barrie Cleveland has been reading, working, teaching, learning and yes tasting wines since his first foray into the wine business in the late 1970’s. With stints on the bottling line, managing a tasting room, wine buyer, wine educator, wine writer and wine drinker he now guides us to winery tasting rooms via the web. "I wanted to create the place where you could get independent, useful information on hundreds of wineries–and let people contribute their own experiences."

The California Winery Advisor is an independent guide created by wine enthusiasts who enjoy a good wine and a good time. It’s for locals, visitors, wine geeks and those just learning about California’s wines and wineries. Our editors have visited, in person (burp), every winery we have described, bringing our readers accurate, up to date information on the wineries, their tasting rooms, and their product. Jump in yourself by adding a review and give your own one, two, three or four bottle rating. It’s free and we won’t stuff your inbox with a lot of stinky spam.

With over 2000 wineries in California, and over 1000 regularly opening their doors to visitors, you need a guide to get you where you want to go. Let CWA be your escort. Questions? Comments? Drop us a note at: Editor@CaliforniaWineryAdvisor.com
Happy Tasting,
Barrie Cleveland, Managing Editor

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