Young Winemakers

Silver wines santa barbara

Benjamin Silver of Silver Wines Santa Barbara | Young Winemaker Interview

CWA - What interests you about wine? Benjamin Silver - The complexity of the finished...
KatyWilson winemaker interview

Winemaker Interview: Katy Wilson of LaRue Wines

We are excited to introduce you to Katy Wilson. Katy is a pioneering winemaker and...
kales wines napa owner

Young Winemaker: Kale Anderson of Kale Wines

We had the good fortune of meeting Kale Anderson at the Rhone Rangers seminar and...
tara gomez kita winery

Winemaker Interview: Tara Gomez of Kitá Wines

We recently met Tara Gomez of Kitá Wines at a Santa Barbara wine tasting event in...
stolo vineyards nicole pope winemaker photo

Winemaker Interview: Nicole Bertotti Pope of Stolo Vineyards

We recently had the opportunity to visit Stolo Vineyards on a trip through the Central...
crystal basin cellars sierra winery

Winemaker Interview: Mike Owen of Crystal Basin Cellars

Winemaking Style and Influences California Winery Advisor: Can you describe your winemaking style for us?...
colin murphy koehler winery winemaker

Young Winemaker Interview : Colin Murphy of Koehler Winery

CM - A bottle of wine itself can tell one about a time, a place,...

Young Winemaker Profiles : Jasper Dickson

Jasper Dickson is a true garagiste winemaker. Though he works retail at Silverlake Wine in...
Crocker and Starr Harvest 2018

Winemaker Interview | Pam Starr Of Crocker & Starr

Napa Valley is known for Cabernet Sauvignon. And if there is anyone who can passionately...

Winemaker Interview | Megan McGrath Gates of Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Lucas & Lewellen's head winemaker Megan...
keith rolle gianni buonomo

Winemaker Interview: Keith Rolle of Gianni Buonomo Vintners

CWA - What interests you about wine? Keith Rolle - Ultimately, it is something that...
Wine Spritzer Hoxie

Young Wine Entrepreneur: Joshua Rosenstein

So how do you break into the wine business in a category largely destroyed by...
Julie 2017

Winery Owner Interview | Julie Pedroncelli

Julie & Family Photo By: John Youngblood Located just northwest of the town of Healdsburg...
alta colina winery

The Best Dirt | Our Interview with Alta Colina Winery

We recently had a chance to catch up with Alta Colina Wine's Maggie Tillman. She...
Testarossa winery

Winemaker Interview: Bill Brosseau of Testarossa Winery

Bill Brosseau is the talented winemaker at Testarossa Winery. He has a degree from the...
Weatherborne Winery Chris Carter

Young Winemaker: Cris Carter of Weatherborne

Cris Carter is the one-man show behind Weatherborne Wine Co., a small producer who has...

Winemaker Interview: Kathleen Inman

Pinot Noir is a finicky grape, but it is a grape that many winemakers love...
oak mountain wagon gregg pick

Winemaker Interview : Oak Mountain Winery Temecula

  Oak Mountain Winery: We came by our wine heritage quite naturally. Valerie's father Ed...
Dieter in vineyard 1

Winemaker Interview: Dieter Cronje Of Presqu’ile Winery

We are big fans of Presqu'ile Winery. They even sit at the top of our...

Young Winemaker: Bret Urness of Levo Wines

Bret Urness dispels all preconceived notions of the traditional winemaker. The twenty-something Idaho native moved to...

Meet Bill Nachbaur, Vigneron at ACORN Winery

An acorn symbolizes prosperity and potential. And little acorns grow into mighty oak trees. That...

Winemaker Interview : Sweetzer Cellars | Growing a wine business the right way

Lisa Liberati and Michael Fogelman are living every wine enthusiast's dream. After setting up a...
Blanchard family wines

Winemaker Interview | Blanchard Family Wines Healdsburg

This year Blanchard Family Wines made our list of the Best Wineries To Visit in...
Jalopy Winery Luke Sundquist

Young Winemaker: Luke Sundquist of Jalopy Wine

Luke Sundquist - I made my first vintage, 2011, in my garage in Solvang:  2...

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